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Item Number :GR-BSREG

Please note:

Due to the nature of wood and wood laminate, each Lamo Camo grip is unique in figure and color. The pictures above may not represent the grips that are in current inventory.
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Bill Farr From United States Texas
fits a Herbert Schmidt 22LR
January 23, 2022
I have a Herbert Schmidt 22LR 4.5" barrel single action revolver that i broke the plastic grips. I could not find any grips for this specific gun but the Heritage RR grips seemed to line up using the pictures.
They are not perfect fit but very close. The back strap sticks out & the butt curves are a hair off. I can slip a business card between the frame to grip above & behind the trigger. Of all the tolerances I'm talking 1/16". This could also just be manufacturing tolerances.
If you have a HS & need grips these will definitely work.
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Strata grips From United States
February 20, 2020
They are very well made
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AndrewJM From Texas
Fast Delivery/Fast installation
August 8, 2015
The title says it, as soon as I daughter I knew instantly there is only one .22magnum that has THAT exact same paint job. Truly artists and truly good/smart shipping system. Ps-I work for a small company that ships in the exact way Heritage does, they do It Well and tha requires hardwork, so good job guys.
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